We’ve all faced that horrible moment just after your phone falls directly into a puddle, or a glass of water, or the toilet, or a pool, etc. That moment when you realize your phone-less fate has been sealed and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. Right?

There are actually a number of tricks you can use to recover a phone that has water damage, and they work surprisingly well in many cases. No phone-drying tip is foolproof, of course; sometimes the damage is just too severe. (And in the event that you’re one of the latter cases, it’s always a good idea to back up your data.)

Many times, however, there are several ways to pull all of the water from your phone and come away with a functional gadget. Below are all of the ways we’ve found that work best as at-home solutions to a wet phone.


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You might notice a common trick missing from this list. While putting your wet phone in a bag of rice, so that the rice absorbs all the moisture, has long been hailed as the ultimate trick, we’ve actually found that it’s one of the least effective strategies for getting water out of your phone. The tips above do a better job at removing the moisture from all of your phone’s pieces and crevices, and they do it more quickly (which is important in situations like this).

You can also invest in waterproof cases, like the Lifeproof case for everyday use or the SafeWays case if you know you’re going to near the water. These accessories can save you lots of stress and energy from getting your phone wet (or, worst case scenario, the expense of a brand new phone).

If none of the tips above are able to rescue your phone and your local GadgetFix repair technician isn’t able to revive it, fear not. You can still be spared the expense of a brand new phone. At GadgetFix, we sell completely refurbished electronics that work like new even though they aren’t. They come at a much more manageable price tag than a phone fresh from the factory, and best of all, they come with our 6-month warranty.

If you’re faced with the conundrum of a wet phone, contact one of our locations right away for assistance. Our technicians will do everything they can to help you.