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The Rocket Incorporation  (‘Rocket Inc.’)

The Rocket Incorporation  (‘Rocket Inc.’) was founded in October 2011. After growing a very successful chain of repair locations in Utah, Arizona, and Ohio, our founder KC Kelly, sold his thriving retail business to a 1000 Store Verizon Conglomerate for Millions of Dollars.

Soon after exiting his company, KC Kelly partnered with his “Justice League” and has consulted more than 1000 team members across almost 1000 locations worldwide.

After consulting 100’s of owners on his “Rocket Methodologies” KC Kelly decided alongside his Bride bearing the same name, Kacie Kelly, to re-acquire the best retail stores in the world under Rocket Inc.’s umbrella. Rocket Inc’s Share Holders consist of Members, Managers, and Seasoned Operators.

Rocket Inc.’s partners have over 30 years of retail experience! As experienced owners themselves, they have generated more than $100MM in gross revenues and sold a multitude of businesses to the tune of eight and nine figure exits.

Rocket Inc. Currently owns and operates 8 Corporate locations and actively consults  and/or manages 100+ ‘Rocketprenuer’ Partner Franchise locations spread across the United States of America and Canada.

To help you better understand our methods, We have broken our core values into a few easy to apply acronyms.

Key Pillars of All Business:  L.I.P.S.H.A.

The following are the key “Pillars” we believe that every business must master and attain a 10/10 for each category. You must master each area to truly become a revolutionarily successful operation. We use the acronym, “L.I.P.S.H.A.” it stands for:

  •   L – Leads – How are people finding us? How do they keep doing this?
  •   I – Inventory – Are we in stock and ready to rock? Are we oversupplied? – Liquidate!
  •   P – Processes – It must be bulletproof or the enemy will win, fortify at all costs!
  •   S – Sales – Everyone likes to buy, no one wants to be sold. Be honorable, and close the sale.
  •   H– HR – Our team matters, we should treat then accordingly. Pay fair and swift.
  •   A – Accounting – Profit = Higher Income – Lower Expenses. We must keep track of our $$$

Each one of these departments inside of a business require a manager to be responsible for subsequent tasks. Ultimately, these manager drive performance and ensure we reach our Company KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)

Here are our core values:

  • Trust God, Trust one another. (Faith is first.)
  • Do the next right thing. (Never give up. Finish what we start.)
  • Do, Delegate, or Delete. (Time Management & 3 D’s)
  • Focus on our core KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • The help you give is the help you will receive! (Thanks ADAM B.)

We execute our LIPSHA & Maintain our Values by focusing on “RTA” 

    • Recruiting – This is accomplished by our optimal HIRING PROCESSES
    • Training – We utilize our online college academy in our LMS/ Learning Management System we call, “Rocket University” or ‘RU’ 
    • Accountability – We accomplish through our task manager, SLACK/EMAIL/TEAMWORK.com.

3M Formula to Execution

We are a culture that fights to bread learning. We want to always be growing as leaders and in turn coach and train our team members to level up their knowledge as we collectively grow as unity.

We have turned our coaching structure into the 3M Formula :

  •   M – Method – This is where our staff and customers learn how our company operates through a concept/method against the tasks we expect  to accomplish through our LMS & TEAMWORK & SLACK / EMAIL accountability reminder tools. It is our aim to ensure that all Training will occur in person 1:1 and through digital support.
  •   – Motivate – We would like to ensure incentives are aligned to allow our employees to truly thrive as a team members. We will do this through compensation and rewards. We also desire deeply to serve our customers so we make sure to align incentives for our guests as well.
  •   M –  Manage – It has been said that, “Discipline brings freedom. “ If this is true, then we as leaders and team members, must commit to regularly audited accountability. We accomplish this through daily, weekly, and monthly success calls and daily audits.

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We are actively seeking to partner with Entrepreneurs and Intrepreneurs in the Retail Repair Channel.

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