Google & Nexus Smartphone Repair

Today, we don’t go anywhere without our cell phones by our sides. They travel with us nearly anywhere we go— work, car, school, the gym, even a trip to the restroom. So, it’s no wonder these fragile gadgets get damaged all the time. And when they do become damaged, the wave of panic may feel too strong to bare.

Thankfully, there’s Gadget Fix to ease any anxiety about your damaged electronics, including your Google Nexus or Google Pixel device. Gadget Fix is a local electronic repair service that offers affordable and quality same-day Google device repair. We take all the stress out of repairing your damaged cell phone. Simply mail your damaged Google device to us or personally drop it off at one of our locations. Our seasoned technicians will look at it and fix it within a few hours. It’s that simple. No appointments required. All we need is a phone and a problem and you’ll be back on your Google phone in no time and stress-free.

google cracked screen repair

     Cracked Screen

google charging port repair

      Charging Port

google battery reapir

Battery Replacement

google diagnosis

Other Google Repairs