Apple devices have no shortage of success or popularity, especially personal electronics like iPods, iPhones, and iPads. It’s natural, therefore, after the success of the iPod and iPhone, that the release of the iPad should’ve been met with nothing but anticipation and success.

But years after the iPad’s initial release, it’s still the most dominant tablet on the market, even with other competitors making headway with excellent gadgets such as the Microsoft Surface, which can do a lot of cool things, and the Kindle Fire, which is way more affordable to the average American.


What is it about the iPad that makes it so attractive?

Why Apple Users Love iPads

iPads, like most Apple products, are incredibly streamlined and user-friendly. Most consumers aren’t people who would consider themselves computer-savvy – they’re looking for a device that can help them organize and simplify their everyday lives, give them a convenient way to check their email or catch up on their favorite TV shows, and not be a nuisance to carry around. The iPad fits all of these categories beautifully, and it does so with a simple, familiar interface that looks just like the iPhone people have come to know and love.

As Apple lovers will also tell you, part of the beauty of owning Apple gear is that it all syncs up with little to no effort on the user’s part. As long as you have iCloud enabled, your iPhone, iPad, and laptop will communicate with each other and keep your apps, music, photos, and emails completely synced and up-to-date.

Why Android Users Love iPads

One of the main reasons why the Apple platform is so streamlined and user-friendly is because the App Store keeps high standards for the programs it allows users to download. People who design apps for the iPhone or iPad have to meet a specific level; they are not allowed to have many bugs or glitches, and the look and feel of the app has to be up to standard. Google Play, the Android app store, is a lot more experimental; programmers can try their hand at an app without meeting specific standards or having tons of experience. (This is largely because Google Play apps need to function across a number of devices, whereas Apple Store apps only have to function on Apple devices.)

The iPad also has a number of integrated functions that are great features to have in a tablet. Things like Siri and voice recognition, FaceTime and iMessage, and tons of useful accessories that make it an attractive option to anyone shopping for a tablet.

While iPads are great tablets and are currently the most popular option on the market, they are certainly not the only great tablet out there. If you’re in the market for a tablet, check out GadgetFix’s selection of pre-owned, refurbished iPads and tablets to get a great deal on a device that works like new.