iPhone 6s Liquid and Water Damage

The iPhone 6s is not waterproof yet we still find ourselves using the iPhone around water, even though Murphy’s Law ends up winning.  Whether you left your iPhone in the rain, dropped it in the pool or maybe the toilet, no matter the reason, liquid damage can be detrimental for you iPhone 6s.  Your phone can suffer from short-circuiting, slower software processing speed, and constant glitches as a result, not to mention possibly losing your stored data. Don’t hesitate in protecting your phone and your phone’s information. Gadget Fix will gladly help you out. We’ll try to get your phone back and running. If the damage is too extensive, we’ll recover as much data as we can. Do don’t take any chances. Use Gadget Fix for as your iPhone 6s liquid damage solution.

iPhone 6s Liquid Damage