The When, Where, and How to Safely Sell Your iPhone Guide.

When – Right Now
The closer we get to new Apple iPhone release the less your old iPhone will be worth. In the past Apple has slashed current-model prices when the new models are announced, right now is the best time to sell. Current model iPhones can drop as much as $100 in value after the new models are released. Too see what your iPhone is currently worth visit or stop by your local Gadget Fix location.

Before you sell
Whether you sell your iPhone yourself or trade it in to a third-party company like Gadget Fix, there are a few steps you should always take to make sure your data is safe.

• Back It Up – use iTunes, iCloud or Google to backup all your important information including contacts, photos, videos, notes, messages and Apps.

• Turn off Find My iPhone – Without Find My iPhone turned off nobody can use or erase your phone. To turn Find My iPhone off open the Settings App, go to iCloud and towards the bottom select Find My iPhone and toggle it off.

• Wipe It – Sign out of all apps, services and accounts (including iCloud). After signing out of everything open the Settings App, select General, Reset, Erase All Content and Settings. Once this is complete your phone will reset and you should be on the original setup screen.

• Unlock It – An Unlocked iPhone is on that can be used anywhere, on any carrier. If your iPhone is locked to a specific carrier, find out if you’re eligible to have it unlocked. Some carriers charge for it and some require your meet certain criteria before they’ll unlock it. If there is a charge, and it’s not high, it could still be worth it to you to pay for the unlock since it could increase your resale value by an equal or greater amount.

• Charge It Up & Clean It – First Impression are important, take a few minutes to charge up your phone and clean the dirt and makeup off it.

• FAQ: What if your iPhone is damaged?
If you phone is damaged you can still get something for it, at Gadget Fix we do buy some broken phones – if we can fix it for an affordable cost we will buy it. Gadget Fix will not buy phones that are liquid damaged, that have iCloud and Find My iPhone activated or that have serial numbers that are blacklisted by the cell phone carriers.

• See what your iPhone is wroth online at

• Stop by any Gadget Fix location with a valid photo ID, if you are under 18 be sure to bring a parent with you.

• All Gadget Fix locations are open 7 days a week – please plan for 15-30 minutes to complete the paper work and testing process.

• Gadget Fix technicians will help to make sure all your data is erased & your iPhone is safe to sell.