iPhone X Repair Service

Getting a new iPhone X can be amazing but such happiness can turn into sadness when it gets damaged or it stops working within months, weeks or even days of buying it. We know it can be really frustrating when the device that is your connection to the world is damaged. Regardless of all the precautions you take when it comes to your iPhone X, damage is inevitable and it can happen the day you need it the most. Let Gadget Fix certified technicians eliminate the hassle and pain that comes with the use of a broken iPhone X.

With all its futuristic features and abilities the Apple’s iPhone X is a fragile phone and it is going to require constant repair due to its daily use.

Regardless of whether you dropped it or spilled any liquid on it, Gadget Fix can repair your phone and make it work like new once again.

Whether it’s a shattered screen replacement or discoloration, bad charging port or a bad battery our technicians can perform a repair or necessary replacement in the shortest possible time.

iPhone X Cracked Screen

iPhone X Battery

iPhone X Charging Port

iPhone X Liquid Damage

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