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You no longer have to wait weeks, even months for Sony to fix your PlayStation 4! Gadget Fix offers fast, quality and affordable PS4 repair services.

As a full service media center and gaming device, Gadget Fix understands how crucial your PlayStation 4 is to you and your family and we are here to help you get it back up and running. At Gadget Fix we offer free PlayStation 4 diagnostic services and all repairs are backed by our six-month warranty.

GadgetFix can help with any PS4 repair you might need

PlayStation 4 HDMI Repair: Did your PS4 drop while still plugged in or did you accidentally try to plug the HDMI cord in upside down? Don’t worry, you’re not alone – this is our most popular PS4 repair service! Gadget Fix can get your broken, damaged, or loose HDMI port replaced and working like new.

PlayStation 4 Laser & Disc Drive Repair: Is your PS4 giving error messages, having problems reading blu-ray or games, making grinding noises, or did something go into your disc drive that was not a PS4 game? If any of the above are true, Gadget Fix can help you with our PS4 laser replacement and optical disc drive replacement services. 

PlayStation 4 Fan Repair: Overtime PS4s are prone to having issues with overheating and fans going bad. In some cases the fans make noises, only work some of the time or stop working all together. Try covering the rear vents with your hand – the airflow on a properly working PS4 fan should be felt. 

PlayStation 4 Hard Drive Repair: If your PS4 is giving error messages when attempting to save or load game data or if you simply need more storage space to save your games, movies and media, its time for a hard drive replacement or upgrade.

PlayStation 4 Power Supply Repair: Trouble powering on and/or randomly shutting off are signs that your PS4 power supply may be failing and it’s time for a replacement.

PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death (BLOD): Similar to the PS3’s notorious Yellow Light of Death, the PS4 has the Blue Light of Death, also known as BLOD. Symptoms of the BLOD include the power indicator pulsing blue, video and audio output issues, or the PS4 automatically powering off after a pulsing blue light.

Stop by or call today, no appointments are needed and all Gadget Fix locations are open 7 days a week. Free PlayStation 4 repair estimates are also available online at: