Nintendo Wii U Repair Service

The successor to the revolutionary Wii, the Wii U has brought enjoyment to thousands of gamers and takes gaming technology to the next level. But that doesn’t mean these machines are indestructible. They can easily become damaged. It happens all the time. Thankfully, Gadget Fix will happily solve your Nintendo Wii U repair needs. If you think there’s an issue with your Wii U, contact Gadget Fix. We offer a free estimate and our technicians will provide you with a fair price and all the information you need to get your Wii U good as new. Simply call us, visit one of our locations, or fill out this free online form for a custom video game repair estimate. Plus, we offer a complimentary six month warranty on all video game console repair. So get the most out of your Wii U. You deserve it, and Gadget will make sure you get the best results possible.

wii u cracked screen

Wii U Broken Controller Screen

wii u disc drive

Wii U Disc Drive Repair

wii u laser disc read error

Wii U Laser & Disc Read Errors

wii u hdmi port repair

Wii U HDMI Port Repair

wii u cleaning tune up

Wii U Cleaning

wii u diagnosis

Other Wii U Repairs

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