Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Repair

The Galaxy Note 8 is a phablet (phone and tablet) and it was introduced in 2017 by Samsung. It features an incredible 6.3 inch display and a complex dual camera system which is a first from Samsung. With such futuristic tech comes its susceptibility to damage and with its slim design and massive display option, damage is inevitable.

Whenever you are faced with any hardware or software problems Gadget fix is ready to perform a repair. Whether it’s a cracked screen or discoloration, back cracked glass, a faulty camera lens, bad charging port, a bad battery or liquid damage our tech can perform a fix or necessary replacement in the shortest possible time. We give a lifetime guarantee on all our repairs. You don’t need to worry about your next upgrade; we are going to get your phone working in no time and as good as new.

Cracked Screen

Back Glass

Camera Lens

Charging Port

Liquid Damage


Other Repairs