Samsung Galaxy S9 Repair

With the release of the iPhone X, Samsung released the S9 which is no doubt a very good competitor. It has similar technical features and supercharged components that makes it one of the most technologically advanced phone on the market. However, with its sophistication comes its susceptibility to problems. When faced with any hardware or software problems, Gadget fix is ready fix them for you. Our team of specialists are well trained in handling any type of software or hardware issues. Gadget fix repair technicians are well trained to handle any issues and to ensure that each repair is done to your exact specifications at a quicker and affordable rate.

Whether it’s a cracked screen or discoloration, back cracked glass, a faulty camera lens, bad charging port, a bad battery or liquid damage our tech can perform a fix or necessary replacement in the shortest possible time.

Cracked Screen

Back Glass

Camera Lens

Charging Port

Liquid Damage


Other Repairs