Cell Phone Repair in Downtown Seattle

Cracked screens, bad battery or broken charging port?  Bring your broken device to Gadget Fix for fast, affordable and convenient repair services.  Stop by one of our cell phone repair shops or use our online form to receive a free, no commitment, repair estimate today!




520 Lenora Street
Seattle, Washington 98121

Located on the southwest corner of the Via 6 building, across the street from The Amazon Spheres. Underground parking is available with free parking validation.

Hours of Operation:

Monday:10:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday:10:00am – 7:00pm
Wednesday:10:00am – 7:00pm
Thursday:10:00am – 7:00pm
Friday:10:00am – 7:00pm
Saturday:11:00am – 5:00pm
Sunday:11:00am – 5:00pm
Gadget Fix
Based on 235 reviews
Gadget Fix
Based on 100 reviews
Appreciated their professionalism and prompt service.
Greg M.
Greg M.
13:57 17 Jan 20
Wow wow wow , 5 star service and people working there are always nice and experts at what they do and im glad that we have a store like this iN downtown...
Mandakh T.
Mandakh T.
18:38 25 Nov 19
Caleb is awesome! Knowledgeable, friendly, with great customer service. Very fairly priced services, and they’re honest with what they can/can’t do. I’ve been here a couple times now, first to fix my... iPhone’s cracked screen, and then to fix my 2 laptops. They were very good at communicating the problems the gadgets had/have. I feel like I can trust their service. They really try to work with you to find a “fix” for your gadget. They’ve got a repeat customer in me!read more
Jessica Fermin
Jessica F.
22:32 07 Nov 19
I came in last night to have them repair the charger connection on my old phone. They took care of the project quickly and appropriately priced. I’d highly recommend using them.
Crystal Ng
Crystal N.
16:49 07 Nov 19
Great turnaround time for battery replacement
Michael W
Michael W
23:15 06 Nov 19
Quick service at reasonable prices. Highly recommend for screen repair.
Robert Bailey
Robert B.
21:33 06 Nov 19
It with great pleasure that I add my comments about the super help I have always received from employees at this friendly company. What I really appreciate...
Susan P.
Susan P.
18:52 06 Nov 19
Excellent customer service and so fast! My new go-to fix it store.
Robin Ely
Robin E.
22:04 05 Nov 19
Great help. Great customer service. Fixed my iPhone. The best.
Orion penn
Orion P.
04:31 03 Nov 19
Recently I found out that my battery on my iPhone 6s was not doing so well. I took it to an Apple store and they said I would have to wait an entire day for a replacement. I decided to check out some... local repair places and stumbled upon Gadget Fix. The reviews were promising so I gave it a shot. I talked to an employee there named AZIZ and he had me in and out really quick. He made the whole process simple and easy to understand. I came home happy and now my iPhone runs perfectly. On top of that, my battery capacity is higher than when I originally got my iPhone! I will recommend Gadget Fix to all my friends, and thank you to their employee Aziz.read more
00:53 31 Oct 19
Aziz helped fixed my Iphone, great place!
21:41 30 Oct 19
Had an issue with laptop. These guys fixed it, and didn’t even charge me because it was a minor fix for them. Incredible.
Hub Northall
Hub N.
16:55 30 Oct 19
They don't push products or try to upsell. I trust them to fix problems and give honest advice about buying a new phone or computer. Good people
Don Woods
Don W.
02:31 24 Oct 19
Needed a battery and 1 hour later, done..
Michael Rosenfield
Michael R.
20:42 19 Oct 19
These guys were great-fixed my iPhone efficiently and I'm now able to continue my travels with piece of mind. Thanks for your service.
Russell H.
Russell H.
14:12 29 Sep 19
After about a day of testing this out, I've determined that the screen isn't as sensitive as the original Apple one. I have to tap a bit harder to get the touch registering on the phone. It's not a... major issue as I'll just have to get used to tapping a bit harder when I'm typing. For the price, this place is still fantastic.read more
Elmer Park
Elmer P.
15:16 17 Sep 19
I have been bringing my iPhone X here since I cracked my screen earlier this year. They have always been super helpful and fast!
Colin Chinery
Colin C.
19:41 11 Sep 19
Quick and easy! I love the online scheduling. They were able to "fix" the charging port on my phone for free with a specialized tool. A great service!
Kara Roberts-McKeage
Kara R.
19:15 10 Sep 19
Gadgetfix has continuously been the place that I go to when I have issues with my phone charger - every time they give me quick service and are extremely...
Alex H.
Alex H.
09:40 08 Sep 19
I went there to fix my iPhone screen. They told me its 110 bucks after tax. And I left my phone there. 1 hour later it was fixed. I feel that should be the way a repair workshop works.
Siyang Liang
Siyang L.
21:41 27 Aug 19
So kind, very flexible on timing, and level with you on what’s needed for optimal machine performance/parts at different price points to get you there. Cannot recommend enough. Thank you guys so... much!!read more
John Traut
John T.
17:12 25 Aug 19
Amazing and fast service. Will be back again!
Lee Stone
Lee S.
18:59 24 Aug 19
I brought my Macbook to this place because it was making a rattling noise - I assumed it was a loose screw. The gentleman at Gadget Fix opened the back of the laptop and found that the battery packs... were loose. He reseated them in a couple of minutes, fastened the back and handed it back to me - no charge.read more
Inder-Jeet Gujral
Inder-Jeet G.
21:43 19 Aug 19
Cleared software issue of my Iphone without charge. Thank you guys!
Heungsoon Yang
Heungsoon Y.
23:40 10 Aug 19
Great work. Fast, friendly, honest and reasonably priced.
Shelby Goerlitz
Shelby G.
12:55 27 Jul 19
Friendly and helpful fix to an issue with some stripped screws halting an electronics project.
William Samples
William S.
21:16 24 Jul 19
I have continued to be impressed over several experiences by their flexibility, professionalism and turnaround times.
Jonathan Donner
Jonathan D.
19:19 03 Jul 19
Stopped in to have batteries replaced on two iPhones; price was decent and turnaround time was good. The batteries were after market ones (which they didn't...
Derek S.
Derek S.
19:12 24 Jun 19
Great gadget fix shop, they get it right the 1st time
Peter Calloway
Peter C.
02:58 15 Jun 19
Fixed the charging port on my iPhone in a matter of minutes !! 👍🏽
Andy Nitchman
Andy N.
18:24 12 Jun 19
Hello, I haven’t visited your store and I am wondering whether you can fix my BeatsX, a headphone that I bought about 2 yrs ago. It will demonstrate white and red light in sequence when charging,... which is abnormal. Thank you!read more
Taichi Ho
Taichi H.
08:46 09 Jun 19
Completed screen repair in the quoted time for the quoted mount, earned my trust!
Justin Keogh
Justin K.
05:13 04 Jun 19
Had the battery on my phone replaced today. It was easy and they got it done for me very quickly. Also very reasonably priced. Will happily take my devices here from now on
Mike Baronowski
Mike B.
23:00 22 May 19
Knowledgeable, friendly and helpful staff. Repairs were made as promised and ahead of the promised time frame. I would definitely recommend this company.
J DeLorme
J D.
20:36 20 May 19
very customer focused - quick, efficient and very reasonably priced
Rollin Fatland
Rollin F.
20:38 18 May 19
My laptop is working great now. Thanks for fixing it!
kajol kanodia
kajol K.
20:45 15 May 19
Update: Yes thank you Caleb I understand now why your store does not use apple products. I appreciate your phone call and resolving the issue with me which...
Yvonne J.
Yvonne J.
11:19 09 May 19
My phone was soaked, black screen but still on, and they completely fixed it for a reasonable price, within 30 minutes! The best part was they said $0 if they tried to fix it and it didn't work. Very... nice guy, they had the parts.read more
Paige Veidenheimer
Paige V.
19:44 07 May 19
Caleb was very talented, professional and friendly! He diagnosed my iPhone problem in a second and fixed the issue perfectly! Great experience every time! (5/3/2019)Outstanding people and... excellent service!!read more
Xiaoming Chen
Xiaoming C.
06:29 04 May 19
Quick, friendly, very reasonable & all together a great experience. Big fan!
Knut Landboe
Knut L.
00:47 04 May 19
They did a great job fixing my Samsung screen in about an hour, which they accurately predicted before I gave them my phone. They were friendly and helpful.Expensive though! I almost wish i just... upgraded my phone : /Great experience though!read more
Megan Dalgleish
Megan D.
23:56 30 Apr 19
Super helpful, very fast service and high quality workmanship. Competitive prices. 5/5.
Aleksandar Zvorinji
Aleksandar Z.
01:56 27 Apr 19
Gadget Fix is the best. I have trusted them with my life and I'd do it again. Once fixed a problem for $100 that 5 other "businesses" misdiagnosed, told me would probably break my device to fix, and... asked for 300+ to tinker with. Gadget fix is BS-free and Juan is always genuine and nice. Oh and I am female and there's been zero tech-dude-style condescending attitudes so far, relieving to find.read more
chill lax
chill L.
07:51 24 Apr 19
Awesome and professional service. Went to repair a cracked screen and another iphone which we thought was beyond repair and to our surprise the phone is working after being told that it was due to a... faulty battery. Thank you so much Gadget Fix:)read more
04:49 14 Apr 19
Fast, friendly service, and they stand behind their work.
Jay Earwood
Jay E.
23:55 01 Apr 19
Top-notch service and friendly guys!
Tom Horrocks
Tom H.
22:00 30 Mar 19
I was lucky that they had one in stock. I dropped it off on Monday afternoon and the called me an hour later to tell me it was ready and working. They took their time to open it and did not cause... scratched on the case. The price was very good for part and labor. They were excellent for what they did. Thanks guys.read more
Robert Brunthaver
Robert B.
21:26 26 Mar 19
No concerns with the work and service. They promptly fixed my broken screen. Great experienced persons in gadget repair fields.I would have given 5 start rating if not for the below concern.Only... concern I had is that they told they will give me a call once the broken part arrived to their location and once they fixed the mobile. But they never called me to inform and I have to call to get the status every time. This happened 3-4 times for 3 of my mobile repairs.read more
Manivelu R
Manivelu R
16:46 26 Mar 19
These guys were awesome. Super nice on the phone and helped me right away when I arrived. Turns out my phone just needed the battery popped in and out. Thy...
Judy H.
Judy H.
12:00 15 Mar 19
Fantastic service, reasonable prices and extremely patient employees that listen to your needs and recommend great solutions. Caleb, in particular, is excellent! Will give all of our business to... this firm for sure!read more
Sam Henry
Sam H.
18:31 14 Mar 19
I was panic stricken having damaged my one and only phone. It is a cell phone, of course, and my only connection to my national customer base. I was advised to go to Gadget Fix in downtown Seattle... which I did ... fully expecting to have to be without a phone for several days at least. What a wonderful surprise! I was quoted a very reasonable price and told it would be 30 to 45 minutes. The staff was courteous and knowledgeble. They grasped the problem and the solution immediately, and even helped me activate the phone through my cell provider. It was a truly dazzeling performance and I almost wish I had more gadgets so I would have a reason to go back.read more
Patricia Walsh
Patricia W.
16:07 09 Mar 19
Brought my computer in for a quick repair. Really quick and straight forward. They had me order a part myself because it would less expensive. Once o had it, they had me in and out in under an hour.
Rion Haber
Rion H.
03:19 25 Feb 19
Had a busted touch screen on my laptop and they checked it out for no cost and got the part ordered and fixed in like four days! Amazing service and reasonably priced. I definitely would recommend.
sherlyn devadason
sherlyn D.
23:39 09 Feb 19
Hi, I was in Seattle for a conference and forgot my US laptop adaptor in South Africa. Went into the gadget fix store in downtown Seattle to purchase one after walking around for two hours looking... for a store to help me. Gadget fix not only had the cable, but they made the experience so great with their friendly service. I was totally impressed by these guys. A bunch of kudos to these folks - well done on such an incredible service.read more
Lunga Mvinjelwa
Lunga M.
02:10 09 Feb 19
Great service and even better people working there!
Stephan Rossouw
Stephan R.
02:40 08 Feb 19
Everyone here is very friendly and they have very reasonable prices. They didn't have my part in stock but gave me a loner phone right away and fixed my phone as soon as the part arrived. My... previously destroyed screen looks great now! I'm impressed that they fixed it during the snowstorm!read more
Cody Dalgliesh
Cody D.
18:50 06 Feb 19
The guys went above and beyond In every possible way. I will alwayscome back
Allison Moody
Allison M.
16:50 06 Feb 19
I thought I needed a new charging port, but they had better cleaning equipment than I did and fixed it for free! I couldn't be happier, and they have great hours too.
Robert Williams
Robert W.
02:16 06 Feb 19
I dont think it gets much better than this. Dropped off something another repair store said could not be fixed and they had it fixed for 50 bucks in a few hours - ready to pickup same day. Crazy fast... and good service. Will be coming back for sure.read more
Seth Mic
Seth M.
20:53 04 Feb 19
Great service! Thanks for fixing my iPhone in such a timely fashion!
20:33 01 Feb 19
I got my iPad back from a person who had it for 2 months supposed to be a great business so I bring it to Gadget Fix and they had it back to me with him two three days great place great experience... hopefully I can do more business with him but not on the smash level LOL.read more
Clayton Callandret
Clayton C.
20:41 27 Jan 19
Leo was super helpful, he removed a broken stylus pen from my phone is less than 5 minutes and for no charge.
Rupert Davies
Rupert D.
01:10 16 Jan 19
My headset broke and mini jack stuck in the phone. Guys pulled it out in a matter of minutes, really fast and didn't charge me for their work. Really cool
Anton Martynenko
Anton M.
18:57 15 Jan 19
Came in with a very unusual teeny tiny screw and these guys went above and beyond to try and match it!
Ross Shaw
Ross S.
20:43 14 Jan 19
I had a fantastic experience with Gadget Fix! Everyone I talked to (Leo, Ian, and one or two other employees) was very helpful and nice. There was no sense that they were trying to trick me out of... money like you sometime experience at repair shops where they know the customer doesn't know better or doesn't have any other options. They even ended up fixing my laptop for free after they found out that it was a simple fix! Would highly recommend.read more
Caroline Beaulieu
Caroline B.
04:43 14 Jan 19
I had two keys broken on my laptop. They ordered them, installed in 30 minutes and I was set to go. Very helpful.
Jane Heinrich
Jane H.
21:25 29 Dec 18
Gadget Fix saved the DAY!! They fixed the screen on my phone in less than 30 minutes and right before the holiday weekend! Sprint was trying to sell me a new phone and a lot of other nonsense. The... gentleman that helped me was friendly and honest about the fix, time estimate and the price was right! It's also super convenient that they are attached to Assembly Hall, so you can grab a bite and coffee while you wait. This was a PAINLESS Experience! Thanks So Much!read more
Julie Thompson
Julie T.
23:47 23 Dec 18
They have great service, good attitudes and reasonable prices.
Mark Haynes
Mark H.
18:28 11 Dec 18
I consider, I like so much the costumer service and the solutions, very, very professionals...
Julio Cesar Reyes Lugo
Julio Cesar Reyes L.
19:40 05 Dec 18
Great prompt service
János Szablya
János S.
21:30 16 Nov 18
Juan was amazingly kind and patient and was able to problem solve and fix the issue with the sim card in the iphone XR. I will definitely recommend and return with any future issues. Thanks Juan!
Nikki Klump
Nikki K.
00:48 08 Nov 18
Quick, efficient and friendly. I would definitely use again and refer to others. Thank you!!
Krystal Turney
Krystal T.
19:10 06 Nov 18
Juan obtained an excellent replacement display assembly and had it installed in about 1 hour!
Peter Hildenbrand
Peter H.
19:49 05 Nov 18
Knowledgeable, efficient, and personable. I would get my phone fixed here again!
Helena Cerna
Helena C.
19:16 26 Oct 18
A big relief. Fixed my damaged phone. Fast and affordable. I had thought I was going to need to buy a new one.
Malcolm Saunders
Malcolm S.
18:05 24 Oct 18
Wonderful! I dropped off my cracked iPhone 8 Plus and got a call within an hour letting me know it was ready to go! They also have a LIFETIME warranty if you have any issues with the new screen!... Highly recommend!read more
Thomas Huerta
Thomas H.
21:06 19 Oct 18
Lovely experience - wonderful staff who are chill and nice people and who take the time to do things well. Great experience.
Elliat Graney-Saucke | Elliat Creative
Elliat Graney-Saucke | Elliat C.
04:56 15 Oct 18
I break my phone screans regularly, I work in construction and the have replaced five screans to date saving me the cost of a new phone. They also have used hardware for sale.
Douglas Hathaway
Douglas H.
03:42 14 Oct 18
I needed the screen on my Galaxy S8 Active fixed. I called most of the phone fix places around Seattle and left messages/spoke to store staff. Gadget fix was the most responsive. They called back... when they said they would and even honored the original price I was quoted when it turned out to be a different price due to the manufacturer not having the original part they requested. It was quick and easy to get the screen replaced. Staff were friendly and had it completed in less than an hour from drop off. I will absolutely take my gadgets here for repair again.read more
Gloria Johnston
Gloria J.
20:13 11 Oct 18
Great service replaced an S7 battery in an hour and it kept it's water resistance so far.
Anders von Reis Crooks
Anders von Reis C.
02:18 02 Oct 18
Quick help, high quality. I go to Gadget fix whenever I broke my cellphone screen. They usually fix it within the hour.
Thomas Deml
Thomas D.
14:33 22 Sep 18
Visit here for your repair tasks. I wanted my sim card to be cut to size. They did it for free.
03:59 14 Sep 18
Outstanding job, very fast service the price is right.
robert neider
robert N.
20:11 08 Sep 18
Great customer service, affordable and quick. I was given an estimate of 3 hours for repair and it took about an hour! Convenient location as well
Bill Leicht
Bill L.
00:19 02 Sep 18
Outstanding service, competent technicians, what every company should strive towards. Thank you gadget fix!
Lori Rowinski
Lori R.
19:06 15 Aug 18
I thought I had a bad connector on my Nexus 6 but it was just full of lint!Quick, excellent service at a reasonable price. I will use them from now on.
Edward Ledger
Edward L.
01:24 14 Aug 18
Called ahead to find out whether they could fix my Motorola broken screen. Said the part was in stock and at the store. Went in the next day and had my screen replaced within an hour. Great service,... reasonably priced! Would recommend!read more
Maria Redkozubova
Maria R.
22:40 11 Aug 18
Excellent service, calm and polite. Reasonable prices for service while I waited.
Don Shanks
Don S.
14:47 03 Aug 18
Great place and knowledgeable staff they can surely fix any mobile device. Tip call in first before you pay for parking.
Jerold Paet
Jerold P.
21:18 27 Jul 18
Replaced the battery in my 2 yr old phone. Everyone was friendly, efficient, and appeared knowledgeable.
Jacyn Stewart
Jacyn S.
19:55 24 Jul 18
Quick on the fix and everything within the time and price quoted. thanks for a great job guys!
Gregory DElia
Gregory D.
14:25 23 Jul 18
They do a Great job! I would highly recommend them for services! And they stand by their work.
Larry Yenglin
Larry Y.
22:48 28 Jun 18
Awesome service.
Orion Tippens
Orion T.
02:51 08 Jun 18
Wonderful service. Went there to fix my V30 battery door, the glass was shattered the third day I bought it. Staff are nice. Charles was honest and super nice too. He quoted very reasonable price, my... phone is like new and working perfectly after they fixed it.read more
Jennifer Ng
Jennifer N.
00:31 08 Jun 18
Had an iPhone 6 battery replaced last November after Apple’s update debacle. Had a recurring issue 6 months later. Sent the phone back in and they replaced the battery for free. No questions asked.... Would gladly recommend and use them again.read more
Chris Bannon
Chris B.
05:01 24 May 18
In a word, outstanding. Competent, courteous and - most of all - 100% honest and trustworthy. I’ve been to them 3-4 times with issues I thought were thorny and intractable. Problem got solved... seamlessly each time, at a very affordable price. Would recommend this place wholeheartedly!read more
Saad Shafqat
Saad S.
00:33 23 May 18
Edit: spoke to the manager who offered a refund and replacement. Great customer service after all!Got an Iphone 6 battery replaced with them, after 8month the battery started to bloat causing the... display to lift off. All they offered was 20% off a new batter replacement, not to mention that the cheap bloating battery they used probably caused more damage to the phone. Taking it to apple again.read more
Max Bergmann
Max B.
21:44 05 May 18
Most of my experiences here have been quite good. This last one, not so. I called in to order a new WiFi card for my MacBook and gave them the info several times (serial # etc...). When the part came... in, I dropped my computer off and requested that they also look at the disk drive because it was having problems. After waiting the two hours, they call and say it’s the wrong part and when I pick it up they didn’t even look at the disk drive. Small mistake perhaps, but what it looks like on my end is a financially struggling student with online classes who doesn’t have WiFi access for two weeks, on top of a day off wasted and expenses incurred driving to the city. I’m very angry and would have appreciated an apology.read more
Myles Weber
Myles W.
01:19 26 Apr 18
Perfect, they did it on time, and found my phone screen even if it wasn't easy! I'm sooooo happy thank you really!!!!
Maeva Degardin
Maeva D.
04:25 19 Apr 18
Awesome! Fast & reasonably priced.
Daniel Tuttle
Daniel T.
16:47 25 Mar 18
Used as a postal service drop off/pick up location. Friendly, albeit slow, staff. Looks like they have a decent selection of phones and computers for a reasonable price
Me, Myself AndI
Me, Myself A.
14:46 21 Mar 18
Excellent service super friendly staff, they were efficient and helpful they are not there to just overcharge you they offer cheaper alternatives before costly replacements. I recommend there... services. Easy to get in and out. Will use them again.read more
Brad Needham
Brad N.
21:24 02 Mar 18
Brought in my iPhone with a faulty charging connector. Apple would have charged approximately $8,000 to fix this. The nice guy in Gadget Fix pulled a giant piece of lint out of the socket and gave... the phone back to me. No charge 🙂read more
21:40 28 Feb 18
Their staff is extremely helpful and knowledgeable and at a very affordable price.
Amy Vetter
Amy V.
21:22 01 Feb 18
I pick up my UPS here. Nice location and very helpful staff.
zeb shaffer
zeb S.
23:52 12 Jan 18
Extremely professional. My scree was damaged during an operation and they replaced it. They might have made a mistake but they solved the problem the right way. I would gladly go to them again.
Dylan Green
Dylan G.
00:44 31 Dec 17
A special agent recommended that I take my screen-cracked Samsung S7 to get it fixed at Gadget Fix. I did and WOW these guys were great. They were quick & professional 😎 Wonderful service!! I... also have a cracked Note 8 that I want fixed, but at the moment it'd cost me ~$415 which is 80% the cost of the phone so I'll wait till later when I can afford it. Thanks for the work done on my S7; it works like a shiny new phone!! 😄🤗😄🤗read more
Aspen Knight
Aspen K.
23:09 26 Dec 17
Great Business honestly. I stoped by one afternoon just passing through Seattle, and I dropped my iPhone 7Plus. Screen cracked BAD. They fixed my phone within 30 minutes, phone working perfectly and... all. Love Gadget Fix 👊🏼🤙🏼💯read more
Ian Moses
Ian M.
04:15 24 Dec 17
Excellent service and good prices.
Beau Haynes
Beau H.
02:28 20 Dec 17
I went in for a small fix related to my phone’s SIM card slot. They repaired it for free. They were quick and professional.
Kaushal Kulkarni
Kaushal K.
02:12 19 Dec 17
Replaced the cracked glass on my iPhone 7 perfectly. Took about an hour, so not a bad wait time. Didn’t even have to make an appointment. Nice people working there. Glad I stopped in.... 👍🏼read more
David Charcas
David C.
01:35 19 Dec 17
The service was excellent. I had an Apple Watch with run down battery and it was not charging anymore. I took it to apple store and they wanted me to pay almost the same money as of new watch as it... was outside warranty period. Fortunately gadget fix was able to replace the battery and get the watch working. This process requires very detailed work and not easy to do task. Thanks to gadget fix that finally I was able to get my watch repaired with much less money compared to asked by apple. The staff is highly competent and polite. They don’t charge for anything they can’t fix.read more
Manpreet Cheema
Manpreet C.
20:03 18 Dec 17
spendy repairs but quick and good service. if you guys can be more competitive against ifixit that'd be great 👌🏼
Will Yen
Will Y.
19:39 18 Dec 17
I walked in with no appointment with a broken phone and they fixed my Samsung LCD in an hour. It's been working great and their service was excellent. I also like that there's a 6 month warranty on... their work.read more
ian henry
ian H.
00:03 18 Dec 17
I found Gadget Fix online when I was looking for some parts and thermal paste for building my PC. I had received all my PC parts online, but forgot some essentials and did not want to wait for an... online order to arrive, so excited was I to get started on my build. When I walked through the door, I was greeted with a warm smile and kind words; I explained my plight and the gentleman was happy to accommodate my needs, going way above and beyond. They were willing to sell me a product they don't generally sell but used in their shop for their own purposes; this would have been a perfect opportunity for them to up-charge, given that there was no set price, and they were taking from their personal stock. They did me a SOLID and sold it to me for a more than fair price.Thank you, Gadget Fix, for so readily accommodating your guests. I am a very satisfied customer, and will be going here for any and all of my technology repairs.Cheers!read more
Justin Scott
Justin S.
23:01 29 Nov 17
Cleaned out my charging port for free
Andy McCall
Andy M.
22:57 12 Nov 17
Fair prices, knowledgeable people.... They were able to fix my computer when Geek Squad failed
Carlin Ma
Carlin M.
21:24 12 Nov 17
They saved my dissertation data in under an hour by transferring information from a damaged USB drive to a new one! They are amazing!
Martha Aby
Martha A.
21:42 08 Nov 17
These guys were great to work with and really knew what they were doing! I have one of the hardest phones (Motorola Droid Z) on the market to replace screens and Gadget Fix made me feel completely... comfortable with getting it done. They were also extremely accommodating, as I live in NY and was only passing thru Seattle on travel, but I would go back to them in a heartbeat if I lived local!read more
Tim Stevens
Tim S.
17:29 01 Nov 17
Was in town to give a conference talk and suddenly my laptop wouldn't boot. Walked in in a panic. Although they were busy, they were able to quickly diagnose the problem and get me working again.... Saved my butt big time!read more
Carie Marie Frantz
Carie Marie F.
21:08 21 Oct 17
These guys are great! They handle all my devices and helped me switch between phones. Nice staff and very knowledgeable. Thanks for all the help! Visit these guys if you ever need help with your... phone!read more
Kwame Neilson
Kwame N.
22:46 19 Oct 17
Took my phone here to get the screen replaced. The replacement frame and screen ended up having a defect in the glue it used, and it caused the screen to warp after a few weeks. I took it back in,... they apologized profusely, and they replaced it again with a new part at no charge, no questions asked. Other places would have endlessly questioned me to see if I had done something to warp it, or would have said it wasn't covered, or tried to get out of it somehow. They went above and beyond to give great customer service, and I am happy to recommend them and will be going back for my other gadget fixes in the future!read more
Brian H
Brian H
00:28 18 Oct 17
Thought the charging port on my iPhone had ceased working, but after a quick consultation the store triaged it was simply clogged with fluff! They cleaned it out for no charge and now it's working... perfectly. Also applied a new screen protector and did a great job - thanks!read more
Nick Brooks
Nick B.
22:28 15 Oct 17
Oct 2017Honest Repair shopGadget Fix 520 Lenora SeattleLenovo Tablet Issue.I had a software problem. The tablet was corrupted andwouldn't allow me to boot up. I tried to fix it to no avail... for several hours.I took it to Gadget Fix . After I left the shop I received phone call that the tablet was ready - no charge. It needed a simple software fix. The manager spent time with me showing how he fixed the problem. What honesty!I donated some money to my favorite charity "Heifer Intl" topass it on. Thanks Gadget Fix !read more
16:39 13 Oct 17
This is the second time Gadget Fix has come to my rescue! They showed me how to do a "hard reset" on my iPhone which I thought was FUBAR and were so gracious about it! Last week they replaced the... battery in my sons iPhone for less than the Apple Store. I couldn't be more pleased! They saved me a time consuming and expensive trip to the Apple Store and were speedy and nice! Definitely will be back! Customer for life!read more
Mary Linford
Mary L.
03:07 12 Oct 17
Immediate friendly service and solved a large number of Potential UPs on the spot. Highly recommended.
Joanna Allen
Joanna A.
23:39 06 Oct 17
I had an excellent experience at Gadget Fix. I had a lot of questions for the crew at Gadget Fix, and they answered every single one. I was going through an insurance plan to have my phone... repaired, and every time that I needed information for the insurance company, the guys at Gadget Fix pulled through. When the time came around to have my phone repaired, they were professional. communicative, and did really good work on my Samsung Galaxy s7. Thank you for a great job, and I will refer other people with cracked screens to your location!read more
Nicole Smith
Nicole S.
23:28 29 Sep 17
Amazing service and quality of repair. Theee guys are the best
QLD Leadership
23:55 15 Sep 17
The service and staff were excellent! They were very accommodating considering I was in town for only a day. Would definitely trust these guys with my phone again.
Alyssa Bettac
Alyssa B.
03:45 12 Sep 17
Very friendly and helpful.
Silver Hart
Silver H.
03:45 06 Sep 17
These guys know there stuff. Fixed my screen on my IPhone 6. Not a large selection to buy laptops/ MacBooks but do come in if you need something fixed or even a quality refurbished phone.
Obakhan Jones
Obakhan J.
15:09 29 Aug 17
Great place, they tried to repair my broken phone, no charge when they couldn't do anything for it.
David Parks
David P.
23:10 26 Aug 17
This place is consistently excellent. They have always resolved and/or fixed the devices I have brought in. I Highly recommend them.
Amir Aliabadi
Amir A.
23:16 17 Aug 17
Great place. Diagnosed my problem (faulty HDMI cable) for free. Plus they validate parking.
David Fernandes
David F.
03:17 17 Aug 17
Quick service, good communication.
Elizabeth Sato
Elizabeth S.
19:41 23 Jul 17
Barry and Ian are pros. What a great customer service experience. A+++.
Lauren Tucker
Lauren T.
00:47 22 Jul 17
Brought in a laptop that couldn't boot after an airplane trip. Diagnosed the problem and gracefully didn't charge at all considering it couldn't sanely be fixed. Were nice enough to let customers... in the back without raising a fuss or anything as well. Appreciate the help.read more
Peter Ingraham
Peter I.
01:11 12 Jul 17
Zach and his team are excellent. I have had small problems and one big one - they have helped me resolve each quickly and at a great price! Service and competency do connect sometimes and here they... did ... Highly recommend!read more
Richard Andersen
Richard A.
21:55 05 Jul 17
I am from out of town and was directed here to fix a jammed power source plug in. The kind man there fixed it in one minute and sent me on my way with no charge. Thank you!
Karmit Bulman
Karmit B.
20:27 21 Jun 17
Fixed my screen twice now
Kari Knowles
Kari K.
05:20 08 Jun 17
Really quick and great customer. I dropped off my phone with a cracked screen and it was good as new in 30 min. Highly recommend!
Megan Adame
Megan A.
18:17 05 Jun 17
Stopped by for some quick phone photo assistance. Juan knew exactly what the problem was, fixed it quickly and was very friendly/professional in the process! Thank you!
Allison Rogers
Allison R.
17:07 02 Jun 17
No nonsense, good service
Nebu Pookins
Nebu P.
18:49 25 May 17
Had a few things brought here to be rescued, including an old laptop that they took apart completely and fixed. They know their stuff! Most recently I needed some quick help with loosening some tough... nuts on a VESA mount and they didn't even charge me to get it done in a few minutes.read more
Taneem Taldar
Taneem T.
07:45 21 May 17
Amazing: I was travelling, my cell was dead, I was in trouble... They fixed it in minutes and didn't even charge me!
Hugo Zaragoza
Hugo Z.
01:50 16 May 17
This place is great. Outstanding customer support, impressive product knowledge, quick repairs. Have recommended to friends and family and will continue to do so.
David Howes
David H.
00:16 16 May 17
I stopped by on a lark because I was walking by and thought it would be great to get my phone screen repaired. They fixed it in 20 minutes while I waited! Nice people too. Can't believe its been... here for almost 3 years. I'm telling all my friends.read more
Carol Walter
Carol W.
21:05 09 May 17
I have an Ipod Classic that would not sync. I went to Genious Bar at Apple, unfortunatly no genious there. I called many shops higher up list on Yelp and no one fixed Ipods but was referred to... company in California. They did fix Ipods , at a very expensive fixed price.I called Gadget fix , talked to Zach, and he said they did , I brought it in , he had it diagnosed and fixed by 5 oclock. Turns out it was not harddrive at all , but pins on connector were loose so while it would charge it would not sync, my computer would not recognize when plugged in. This company great , friendly , and efficient , and i don't know if they have some magic essential oil infuser cause it smells good in there! they also have free parking for there shop ,read more
Phinneas Saruq
Phinneas S.
17:11 09 May 17
I brought my phone in because I needed the charging port replaced. Juan offered to clean it out and free the port of any debris to see if that would solve the problem. It did!! He decided not to... charge me for such a simple fix. Super happy.read more
Sean Wheeler
Sean W.
23:02 08 May 17
Fair and quick
Devin Burnett
Devin B.
06:49 28 Apr 17
Quick fixes, great service, and reasonable rates.
Rick Vulcan
Rick V.
05:01 27 Apr 17
Needed a repair statement to send to insurance company for a dead cell phone. These guys knew about the common, irreparable issue that "bricks" this type of phone, and created a writeup for me at no... charge. Seem very competent and personable, and will definitely use them for any future repairs.read more
Donnie Goodson
Donnie G.
15:00 16 Apr 17

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