Sony Playstation 3 HDMI Port Repair

Gadget Fix understands that during the life cycle of a PlayStation 3 the HDMI Port may eventual break or come loose due to being dropped or moved without being unplugged.  If you have attempted using your console with multiple TVs and multiple HDMI cords but are still not able to get any video output it may be a sign that your HDMI port needs replaced.

Gadget Fix offers free PS3 HDMI diagnosis services and if repairs are needed, the professional PlayStation repair technicians at Gadget Fix can fix the burnt out or failing HDMI port on your Playstation 3. We’re typically able to repair equipment in a few days, which saves you the hassle of having to wait about a month or more to get it back from the manufacturer. If you can make it to one of our locations, we’ll fix the HDMI port on your Playstation 3, typically for less than the manufacturer’s cost. If you are unable to drop off your Playstation, feel free to ship it to us.

playstation 3 hdmi port repair