Sony PlayStation 3 Slim Laser Repair

For your PS3 Slim to read a game, your disc drive laser needs to be in good working condition. Unfortunately, simple wear and tear can cause the laser to become misaligned. Plus, dust and dirt can prevent the laser from reading the disc correctly. If you receive a error message on your PS3 Slim that it can’t read a disc, your laser could be damaged. Thankfully Gadget Fix offers PS3 Slim laser repair to fix your faulty disc drive laser. Simply call us, visit one of our locations, or fill out our free online form to receive a free estimate. Our seasoned technicians will provide you with a fair price and all the information you need about your gaming console repairs. Plus, we offer a complimentary six month warranty on all video game console repair. So why wait? Contact Gadget Fix to get your PS3 Slim disc drive laser running properly again.

playstation 3 slim laser repair