Sony PlayStation 3 YLOD Repair

The flashing yellow light on a PS3 was nicknamed the “Yellow Light of Death” (YLOD). This light is an indication of a hardware failure, typically due to bad solder joints on the motherboard. Solder joints are prone to warping if exposed to too much heat. There are a handful of reasons why a Playstation might overheat, such as:

  • The air vents are blocked, either from furniture or dust inside of it.
  • The games being played on it require it to work harder than usual.
  • It’s being used for hours on end without breaks to cool down.

In a few cases, the YLOD is caused by a power supply malfunction (either the power is failing or has failed), a dead or disconnected HDD, a corrupted NAND flash, a bad update, or short circuiting.

The professional Playstation repair technicians at Gadget Fix can fix the flashing yellow light on your Playstation 3. We’re typically able to repair equipment in a few days, which saves you the hassle of having to wait about a month or more to get it back from the manufacturer. If you can make it to one of our locations, we’ll fix the YLOD on your Playstation 3, typically for less than the manufacturer’s cost. If you are unable to drop off your Playstation, feel free to ship it to us.