Sony PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death Repair

The flashing blue light on a PS4 is nicknamed the “Blue Light of Death” or “BLOD”.  This light is an indication of a hardware failure, often due to a failed APU, power supply or memory chips. There are a handful of reasons for what causes PlayStation 4 Blue Light of Death errors, such as:

  • The air vents are blocked, either from furniture or dust inside of it.
  • The games being played on it require it to work harder than usual.
  • It’s being used for hours on end without breaks to cool down.

The professional PlayStation 4 repair technicians at Gadget Fix will diagnose your PS4 and if we can fix it, provide you a repair estimate. If you are unable to drop off your PlayStation 4, feel free to ship it to us.

playstation 4 blue light repair