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Why your iPhone or Galaxy Needs a Screen Protector

If you’ve ever dropped your iPhone or Galaxy and heard that sickening, cracking sound, you know just how much it can ruin your day. Or, when you pull out your beautiful, sleek tablet and discover a nasty scratch running down the middle of the screen, your heart sinks.

Cracks and scratches are part of the mobile device experience for many people, but it doesn’t have to be that way. There is a viable option for guarding your expensive device from damage, and that comes in the form of tempered glass screen protection.  Screen protection protects your investment in your high cost iPhone, Galaxy or other smartphones.

Below is more information about tempered glass technology and why every phone and tablet owner should use it to protect their devices.

What Is Tempered Glass?

The truth is not all glass is created equal. Even though glass may look the same to the casual observer, it actually comes in several “flavors.”

For example, plate glass is the form found in windows, picture frames and many other common glass items. Plate glass is essentially untreated glass in its purest, but most fragile, form. Laminated glass is a “sandwich” of layers of glass and transparent plastic film. Lamination strengthens the glass and prevents uncontrolled shattering if it breaks.

Tempered glass consists of plate glass that has undergone careful heat treatment or been chemically processed to create super-strength. Tempered glass is able to resist direct blows and shatters in small chunks, instead of forming dangerous shards. In addition, tempered glass remains transparent and doesn’t alter light transmission, unlike laminated glass can sometimes do.

Why Use Tempered Glass to Protect Your Device?

Since tempered glass is so strong, it is in a unique position to protect the screen on your mobile device. Below are a few reasons why you should use tempered glass screen protection.

Protects Your Display from Permanent Damage

The most obvious benefit of using tempered glass is its unmatched ability to protect displays from damage. A tempered glass screen protector prevents damage by blocking direct blows that might otherwise crack a screen, and it also keeps screens from being scratched.

That means your screen protector will take the blows instead of your expensive display. If your tempered glass does get damaged, simply replace the cracked or scratched screen protector, and your device is none the worse for the wear.

Increase Resale Value

Tempered glass not only protects your device from present damage, it increases its resale value. Though you may not be considering selling your device now, chances are good you will want to eventually part ways with it.

A damaged display hurts a device’s resale value significantly, but a pristine screen can increase the final selling price. As such, you will find investing in tempered glass screen protection to be a wise, long-term financial move.

Superior to Plastic Films

Some people opt for plastic films to protect their device screens, and while maybe it is better than nothing, plastic can’t come close to matching the benefits of using tempered glass. Specifically, tempered glass beats plastic from several perspectives:

  • Easy to Clean – Glass can be simply wiped clean with a cloth, while plastic is prone to persistent smudging that can be difficult to remove.
  • Great Clarity and Colors – Tempered glass provides an unhindered viewing surface and does not distort light or change colors.
  • Superior Feel and Touch – If you want to experience the touch and feel of an uncovered screen without losing the benefits of protection, then tempered glass should be your choice. Plastic can interfere with a user’s tactile response, which only becomes worse as scratches and scuffs accumulate on the soft surface.

The Gadget Fix Solution

If you want to learn more about tempered glass screen protection, Gadget Fix is your “go-to” place. We not only sell tempered glass screen protectors, we also install them and provide support. If you have questions, be sure to contact us today for help.

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