Xbox 360 Slim Laser Repair

For your Xbox 360 Slim to read a disc, your disc drive laser needs to be in good working condition. Unfortunately, these lasers get damaged through simple wear and tear. Frequently, the laser gets misaligned or the optical lens the laser passes thru gets dirty and dusty. If you receive a message on your Xbox 360 Slim saying “open tray error,” you probably have a damaged disc drive laser. Thankfully Gadget Fix knows just how to fix your busted disc drive laser. Simply call us, visit one of our locations, or fill out this free online form to receive a free estimate. Our seasoned technicians will provide you with a fair price and all the information you need about your gaming console’s repairs. Gadget Fix’s Xbox 360 Slim laser repair will fix your gaming console for a fraction of the cost the manufacturer would charge and hand it back to you good as new in quicker than a manufacturer ever could. So why wait? Contact Gadget Fix to get your Xbox 360 Slim disc drive laser running properly again.

xbox 360 slim laser and disc rear errors