Xbox 360 Slim Red Dot of Death Repair

You’re having a blast playing your favorite game, and then you see a bright light pop up on your Xbox. It’s the dreaded Xbox 360 Slim red dot of death and seeing that may make your spirits sink. Similar to the original Xbox 360’s Red Ring of Death error, the Slim model can develop a similar issue.  An indication of a hardware failure usually caused by overheating and poor air circulation, the red dot of death is a serious matter that needs to be taken care of. It can cause your Xbox 360 Slim’s CPU and GPU solder joints to warp. Pretty much making your gaming console inoperable. Bummer. But thankfully, the red dot of death is a common issue that requires a simple fix. Don’t hesitate, contact Gadget Fix.  Our Xbox 360 Slim Red Dot of Death repair will have you back playing that favorite game again in no time.

xbox 360 slim rdod reapir