Xbox 360 Laser Repair

The the Xbox 360’s disc drive laser is a very delicate piece of equipment. A common problem with disc drive lasers is that they sometimes don’t return to the spindle in the center, remaining stuck out toward the edge of the disc. In other cases, the optical lens that the laser passes through in order to read the disc gets dusty and dirty.

Wear-and-tear, as well as accidents that jostle parts inside an Xbox 360 are inevitable. If you’re getting an “open tray” error, this could be one indication that your Xbox disc drive laser is broken. Whereas Microsoft might charge you a lot for repairs and could take up to a month to return your Xbox 360, Gadget Fix provides Xbox 360 laser repair services for an affordable price with quick turnaround times. If you have any questions about fixing a disc drive laser, please contact us.

Disc Drive Laser