Xbox 360 Disc Drive Repair

If you hear grinding or clicking noises while your Xbox 360 is running, or if the system keeps freezing, these are two common signs of a disc drive failure. In this case you need an Xbox 360 disc drive repair service.

Disc drives are prone to electronic and mechanical malfunctions. Reasons why your disc drive failed could be because you accidentally dropped or bumped your Xbox 360 while it was running. The electric motor that enables the platter to spin could have failed due to bad bearings or other faulty components.

Accidents and wear-and-tear are inevitable. If your disc drive breaks for whatever reason, Gadget Fix is available to replace it for an affordable price. Leave your Xbox in the skilled hands of one of our disc drive repair specialists at any of our locations. We’ll have your disc drive fixed with a few days, at which point, we’ll contact you to come pick it up. If you have any questions about fixing a disc drive, please contact us.

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